As a thriving institution, the District must have ongoing planning to integrate strategic initiatives, programs, operations, and capital projects. The Facilities Master Plan is a critical component of integrated planning, one that responds physically and environmentally to the District’s vision to graduate socially aware, civic-minded students who are college and career ready for the 21st century.

The Facilities Master Plan will specifically identify those projects that will close the gaps between where the District is today and where that vision would take it in the future.

In 2013, recognizing the need for further capital improvements, the Board of Trustees unanimously supported the preparation of a Facilities Master Plan. LPA, an architectural firm with expertise in educational planning, was selected to lead and facilitate the District-wide master planning process.

The process was driven by consensus-building and collaboration, with full stakeholder involvement. The Facilities Master Plan was developed over approximately eight months and was presented to the public in Spring 2014.


Facilities Master Plan – Final Documents

Before downloading, please note that these are large documents requiring a long download processing time.

  1. Overview
    1. Purpose of this Document
    2. AUHSD Vision + Mission Statement
    3. Background
  2. Process
    1. FMP Activities + Process
    2. Schedule Overview
    3. Participants
  3. Planning Considerations
    1. FMP Guiding Principles
    2. Enrollment Projections + Demographics
    3. Capacity Analysis
    4. Facility Condition Assessments Summary
  4. Program Vision & Standards
    1. Educational Philosophy
    2. Educational Program Standards
    3. District Standard Specifications
    4. Technology Master Plan
  5. Scope Recommendations
    1. Scope of Work Categories
    2. Prioritization
  6. Program Costs
    1. Budget Estimate
    2. Funding Options
  7. Master Plan Diagrams
    1. Overview of Contents
    2. Ball Junior High
    3. Brookhurst Junior High
    4. Dale Junior High
    5. Lexington Junior High
    6. Orangeview Junior High
    7. South Junior High
    8. Sycamore Junior High
    9. Walker Junior High
    10. Anaheim High
    11. Cypress High
    12. Katella High
    13. Kennedy High
    14. Loara High
    15. Magnolia High
    16. Savanna High
    17. Western High
    18. Hope School
    19. Oxford Academy
    20. Trident Center
    21. District Campus
  8. Appendix
    1. Meeting Minutes
    2. Principal Questionnaires
    3. Blue Print for Future Committee Consensus Report
    4. Detailed Conditions Assessments
    5. Technology Master Plan
    6. Detailed Cost Estimate
    7. District Standards Specifications